Straw Bale Workshop, August 10-12

  |  July 30, 2012

Wanna make a house out of mud and straw? You should. While it’s a labor-intensive method of home-building, it’s also inexpensive and eco-friendly. And it’s fun to get dirty. Plus, not all straw bale houses look like Hobbit huts — see above.

Here’s more info on the workshop:

“From August 10-12 we’ll be doing strawbale infill, earth plaster, and some carpentry/general building stuff on a cabin in the woods. Participants will learn the basics of building with bales through hands-on instruction and building. Folks will learn to shape, stack, secure, and plaster strawbale walls. We will also discuss design considerations when using bales, passive solar thinking, and have some opportunity to experience using other natural materials such as cob and lime plaster.”

The Catskills straw bale workshop is Summit, New York. Tuition is $350, and there are camping spots in the woods around the site. Let us know if you go!

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