The Burning of Kingston: History in Action

  |  October 14, 2015

As promised earlier this foliage filled week, it is Upstater’s pleasure to bring you further information on the Burning of Kingston, taking place this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In our previous post, we mentioned that the kick-off will be a reception at the Hudson River Maritime Museum. From 4-7PM, head over to the museum for food, games, and colonial maritime exhibits. At 7PM, the Committee of Safety meeting begins at the Persen House Museum. It’s here that town residents (including you) will learn of the British defeat at Saratoga, that whole battle thing that started this business. Even if you have to miss Friday’s events, have no fear, because at 1:30 the next afternoon, British Troops begin their march up North Front Street. The Stockade District will be overrun with redcoats and local militia, as the two battle it out on the streets. After the fighting, Kingston’s Mayor will be put on trial for treason in the park. Prepare your pitchforks, folks (or is that a witchhunt?). From 6:30-8PM are more tours and lectures, and also the time to check out any restaurants that may be in on the fun. Mind your 21st century table manners, please.


More info on the event is available at the Burning of Kingston’s website

The Grand Ball is set for Saturday evening, where colonial dress is encouraged but not required. Thank goodness, in case you haven’t the time to wash your petticoat or coif your hair. Dance instruction will also be provided, since, venturing a guess, many of us are not familiar with late 18th century dance. If you are, though, it’ll be your time to shine. After you party like it’s 1799, the final reenactment will be Sunday at 12:30PM. The Battle of Forsyth Park is another opportunity to witness tactical demonstrations of a bygone era, providing that you haven’t imbibed too much the night before.

All these activities and more make up the Burning of Kingston, with the full schedule available to download. Upstater will check back in on Friday, and we expect your shoes shined and your loyalty papers ready for presentation.

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