The Mid-Mods of Dutchess County

  |  March 2, 2015
6 birch rd pleasant valley ny

Fun Fact: There are a lot of Mid-Century modern homes in Dutchess County. Enough for an entire week’s worth of posts, in fact, with a handful left over. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Each day this week, we’ll be filling up the virtual pages of Upstater with a cadre of mid-mods, many affordable, some pricey, all with the aspects of mid-century modern design we adore so much: Tons of glass, dramatic fireplaces, retro kitchens, high ceilings, maybe even a shagadelic light fixture or two thrown in for good measure. We’ve decided to take a fairly strict stance on which properties we include this week. We will be staying as close to the true mid-mod time period as possible, but if we find a true stunner that fits all of the criteria but was built in the 1970s, we’ll most likely include it. So put on your white patent leather knee-high boots, pour yourself a Flaming Tahitian, and let’s get this far-out party started. Stay tuned…

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