The Relocators: ‘Second Saturday’ Night on the Town in Beacon

  |  December 11, 2012
The Relocators: 'Second Saturday' Night on the Town in Beacon

This past Saturday was what they call “Second Saturday” in Beacon, which is a night that many of the art galleries, shops and restaurants on Main Street stay open until 9:00. Of course being December’s Second Saturday, it had a holiday theme.

So this was our first outing as Beaconites. As an aside, we aren’t certain what people from Beacon are called. Is it Beaconers? Beaconians? Or our favorite, Beaconistas?

So we started our outing at the Hudson Valley Etsy Team Crafts Festival at the Howland Cultural Arts Center. It was small but had some really nice stuff. One thing for certain, we are already addicted to the pumpkin seed brittle called Baja Butter Brittle sold by The Catskill Candy Company. Lawdy lawdy that stuff is good.

We saw the odd but unique Beacon Christmas tree lit, sponsored by The School of Jellyfish.

We walked down Main Street and popped into a few galleries and shops. It was really a lovely evening and perfect for walking. We stopped into a store called Scarborough Fare that sells olive oil and vinegars on tap. They have a huge variety of each, some infused with herbs and other flavors like bacon, chipotle or lemon. We spoke to the owner who assured us that all of their olive oil is certified pure, which as you may or may not know is a big deal since a lot of the olive oil sold in your regular grocery store may not be real olive oil at all! Most of the oils and vinegars  are available for tastings and they do gift baskets. Yay! That’s one Christmas gift off our list.

We strolled over to Utensil, a new foodie and kitchen store around the curve on Main Street. They just opened in November but it’s so great to have them there. We picked up a few items we needed for our kitchen and had a glass of prosecco and chatted with the owners John and Emily.

We popped into several antique stores looking for a dining room table. Everyone was really nice. People greeted us and said, “Hello” as we walked down the street. Several people actually smiled as they walked by. 🙂 Yes Toto…we were definitely BACK in Kansas. And it felt good. It was relaxing. Calm. Peaceful. We knew we had made the right decision by moving and living here.

We ate at Max’s on Main, had a beer at Hops and then headed home. Our first night out as Beaconites (or Beaconers or Beaconistas) was done and we were content. As Martha would say, a very good thing.

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