The Relocators: Timeline of a Snowstorm

  |  February 12, 2013

The snowstorm that blew through the Northeast this past weekend was ‘supposed’ to start snowing at 10:00 Thursday night. However it didn’t  start snowing until about 10:00 am Friday morning…when the first flakes began to fall.

One of the nice things about a snowstorm during the day is that you can take pictures of it’s progress. So that’s exactly what I decided to do and snapped a few shots throughout the day on Friday and early Saturday morning to show the storm’s progress.

2/8/13 – 10:00 am– First flakes fall. Whatever you see on the ground is leftover from past snow. You can’t even make out the flakes falling in the picture.

11:15 am – A light dusting, but the snow is coming down pretty hard even if you can see it from these photos. Nothing great to look at in terms of photos. But hey, I’m trying to capture a Nor’ester in progress so the first few are bound to be boring.

12:10 pm – Its really starting to come down now. Hard to believe how different the place looks in just one hour. We are now officially bracing ourselves to get socked in.

2:00 pm – It is really coming down and accumlations have started to pile up on the sidewalks and driveway. The city has started plowing the roads…Beacon is very good about keeping the roads clear so it always feels pretty safe to drive around here. But we aren’t going anywhere today.

3:00 pm– First plow job of the loooong driveway by our landlord. Thank goodness it comes with the rent! He’ll probably need to do several more passes as the snow is really coming down now. But he’s here now so the next plowing  won’t be so heavy when he comes back later.

4:30 pm – We have snow and lots of it and it’s still falling. It is beautiful outside…but shoveling is in our near future. In the meantime, lets enjoy this lovely image of a tree with white fluffy fresh-fallen snow on it.

5:30pm – We are definitely living in a winter wonderland and it’s still coming down hard. It’s beautiful…but before it gets dark, I’m going to go out and shovel a bit of snow off the steps and sidewalks otherwise our dogs won’t be able to get off the porch!

6:00pm – Shoveling and salting has begun…but its practically pointless as it accumulates and builds up faster than I can shovel it away. Oh well…I needed the exercise. I think the newscaster reported a total of 6 inches so far and the worse is yet to come.

11:00 pm – Well, it’s 11 pm and it has never stopped snowing. I shoveled the walkways and steps at 6:00pm, and it has snowed about 4 inches since then. It is still coming down really hard. Isn’t it beautiful? It will interesting to see what it looks like when we wake up tomorrow morning.

2/9/13 8:00 am – Isn’t it beautiful??

9:00 am – Believe it or not, that’s our driveway after being plowed THREE times yesterday. Mark is getting a head start in digging out our car and shoveling a path to it. The streets of Beacon are already plowed and salted. Now, if we can just get out of our driveway.

Conclusion...We fared very well here in Beacon. We never lost power and as expected, the streets of the area were plowed throughout the day and night during the storm, making them clear and safe, and easily drivable.

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