This Stylish Catskill Village Home is Cheaper than Your Rent, $115,000

  |  October 2, 2015
10 henry street catskill ny

Strict adherence to the Five-Figure Friday standard of only posting homes less than $100,000 would’ve caused us to miss out on this dapper 3 bedroom number in Catskill village. Don’t worry; we’ll get to the even cheaper properties later. But first, can we just bask in the home’s radiant interior clad in pastels colors that don’t annoy us? The listing touts this as a perfect starter home, and, by gum, it’s right about that. It’s also fine for those of us who don’t want to spend our days in the idyllic Hudson Valley house-poor, shelling out those big mortgage payments. We love the farmhouse doors, wood floors, and rocking chair porch, not to mention the seasonal views of the Catskill Creek. But is it close to one of our favorite, per this week’s theme? Indeed it is. Dutchmans Landing Park along the Hudson River is but a short stroll away, and it’s a pretty place to watch the boats go by and take in some fresh air. Also nearby: Catskill village and a bounty of gorgeous, historic homes.


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10 Henry Street, Catskill (Coldwell Banker Bartolotta Realty)

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