This Week on Upstater: Catskill Mountain Compounds

  |  February 5, 2018

catskill mountain compounds

One is the loneliest number, according to Three Dog Night. That’s why we’re all about Catskill Mountain compounds with more than one building…

Whether you’re interested in having a place to put your guests when they visit, you want to move your work to your home, or you’re looking to start your own farm, this week is for you.

We’ve been on the lookout for properties with multiple structures, including guest houses, barns, sheds, workshops, etc. Also on our wish list is a decent-sized piece of land for all of this largess to sit, preferably out in the country. What good are those Catskill Mountain compounds if they don’t offer a some privacy?

So, settle in and get ready to see some of our favorite Catskill Mountain compounds in a range of prices from luxury estate to fixer-upper. Stay tuned all week long on Perhaps we can even compound your interest in buying a new home. Rimshot!

551 Mink Hollow Road, Woodstock

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