This Week on Upstater: Come Home to Rhinebeck & Rhinecliff

  |  May 8, 2017

42 South Street, Rhinebeck: $699,000

The secret is out about Rhinebeck. The historic Dutchess County village located along the eastern shores of the Hudson River is known for its well-preserved Victorian/Colonial architecture, a walkable center where you can park your car in a municipal lot and hit all the shops and restaurants you fancy, its various community events like the Sinterklaas Festival and the Farmers Market.

Sinterklaas Festival via

The town of Rhinebeck is also home to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds – where a variety of events take place in addition to the Dutchess County Fair in the summer – as well as the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome living museum. Meanwhile, five minutes to the west, the hamlet of Rhinecliff offers the nearest Amtrak Station, as well as the Rhinecliff Hotel and the Morton Library, a gem of a local public library/literary hub that’s walking distance from the train station.

Morton Memorial Library, Rhinecliff.

There’s a lot to recommend Rhinebeck/Rhinecliff…as long as you can afford it. Long gone are the days of finding a cheap turn-key home in the village of Rhinebeck, but the village has some stunning vintage homes currently on the market as long as they are within your budget (the meat of the market is in the $500K+ category, but there’s still plenty $499K and under. Just don’t expect much in the $200k and below range).

So, this week, let’s take a look at the properties on the Rhinebeck/Rhinecliff residential real estate market and soak up some of that Rhinebeck charm we’ve come to know and love.

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