This Week on Upstater: To The Town of Catskill…and Beyond!

  |  June 26, 2017


We’ve been spending a lot of time in the Greene County village of Catskill lately. Every time we pop into town, something new is there in the form of a restaurant, artists’ enclave, gallery, theater, or creative arts residency program. However, those of us who’ve been around here for a while remember when Catskill was suffering the same downturn that many other Hudson Valley locations were suffering, complete with shuddered storefronts and faltering local economy. Things look very different now, and for better (blossoming economy and focus on the arts) or for worse (gentrification), Catskill is on everyone’s radar by this point.

There’s more to Catskill than the village, though, and for those looking for a residential property in the Hudson Valley, it’s worth spreading out your search to include the greater town of Catskill, which is bordered by the Hudson River to the east, the Catskill Escarpment to the west, Albany County to the north, and the Ulster County border to the south. Its population is a little under 12,000 with around 4400 of those residents residing in Catskill village. While Catskill town brushes against the Catskill Mountains, we think of it as more of a Hudson Valley location. In fact, this confusion about its location based on the fact that it’s named “Catskill” spawned this blog entitled “Not The ‘Catskills. ‘Catskill.‘” Clear as mud, right?

This week on Upstater, let’s explore the town of Catskill, not the Catskills, and see what the residential listings have to offer. Spoiler alert: Something affordable, something luxurious, something in need of fixing up, something with land, something in the village. Stay tuned…

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