Wenner’s Tivoli Tree Replanting Plan

  |  August 23, 2012

Rand Realty

This story was of interest to us because we lived on this Hudson River-front estate in Tivoli before Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner bought it a few years back, thereby depriving us of our incredibly affordable rent and water views. (No, no, we don’t harbor any resentment — really). We don’t get much celebrity arbor gossip up here.

Wenner sought to remove 50 trees from his property (why? we don’t know), and sought and received approval from the Red Hook Planning Board. When he recently asked to take down more, it was discovered that in fact more than 50 were removed. So now he’s gotta come up with a replanting plan before he can remove the 17 additional trees he’s hoping to say goodbye to.

Lest you think this is just about red tape, consider this tidbit: “Planning Board Chairwoman Christine Kane said that tree cutting on Teviot has left bare the bluffs overlooking the river, causing concern about potential erosion within a designated National Historic Landmarks District.”

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