Willow, NY Housing Swap

  |  December 2, 2011

The folks who own this cabin in Willow, NY say they’ll swap it for a place in…anywhere. So we assume that includes New York City. Once again, I must marvel at the photography — it can make a house look so much better than it really is, but no one around here seems to have figured that out yet. As with the others, this listing has few interior pictures, and the ones that are included show an alarming amount of clutter. Although, actually, I applaud the owner for being honest, if photography can be honest, about the pad.

I think people tend to include so many exterior photos because they assume folks from the city are in search of mountain views and nice foliage and rambling lawns. And while that’s true of many of us searching for upstate properties, I think we’re probably even pickier about the interior in a country pad, where, in theory, you’ll spend even more time inside (no neighborhood bar, coffee shop, etc to escape to).

Still, if you want a free getaway in one of the loveliest areas of the Catskills (just outside Woodstock), might be worth dropping these folks a line. More photos on the jump.

Willow, NY Housing Swap

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