Your 2015 Chronogram Events Rundown!

  |  March 23, 2015

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What’s up in the HV? Well let me tell you, there’s some good stuff going on. First, let me start with the Chronogram Block Party. Oh, haven’t heard of it? Well where the heck have you been?! It’s only the biggest block party to hit Kingston, and it’s only one day a year. This year, check it out on August 15th, starting at 4pm on Wall Street in Uptown Kingston. Did I mention we’re taking over another block? Well, we’re taking over another block! Stay tuned as I roll out more details in the next few weeks.

Now, you might be asking: How the heck can they top the Block Party? Well, we can’t really, but we can throw a massive Halloween Costume Party for you all! Nightmare on Wall Street, or “ChronoWeen” for short, comes to BSP Kingston October 31st. There will be costume contests and lots of dancing, and it’s all at one of the hottest music venues in the area. Need I say more?

So after ChronoWeen, there’s my birthday (shout out to all my fellow Scorpios!), but come on now people, focus! This isn’t all about me after all, it’s about you having fun!


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Then there’s the Holiday Dance Party in December where we can all live in a Winter Chrono Land complete with specialty drinks, a massive holiday tree (last year her name was Mona… not kidding), and DJ dancing ALL NIGHT. Don’t get bummed out around the holidays, come party with us instead! Designated drivers or cab service highly recommended. ; )

And then there’s the New Year, during which all of us Chronogrammers normally partake in the Uptown Kingston mayhem as consumers and not hosts, but who knows. Maybe I have something up my sleeve for that this year…

Only thing left to do is follow me on Twitter @ChronoSamm so you can know what’s up (and see cute pics of my pets #noshame).

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