Not Quite Five Figure Friday: Sears Kit Bungalow from the 1920s Outside of Hudson City, $145,000

Remember when you could order a kit from Sears and build a house? Probably not, since Sears hasn’t offered kit homes in almost 80 years, but you can still find a few of those Sears kit homes around the Hudson Valley. Turns out, Sears kit homes stand up pretty well against the test of time, and this little bungalow-style cottage is a cheerful, neat-as-a-pin surprise in Columbia County.

Located about 10 minutes outside of Hudson city in the hamlet of Stottville, the 778 square foot Arts & Crafts cottage is just the kind of place we’d love to hid away in while we work on our book or art, with a big backyard with a quarter-acres’ worth of room for spending time outdoors, apple trees and flower gardens included. The interior comes with two bedrooms, hardwood floors, new furnace/hot water heater/windows/front door, and a gas fireplace. The kitchen looks surprisingly roomy.

The Hudson Amtrak Station is 15 minutes from the bungalow’s front door. NYC is 2.5 hours away.

6658 Chester Avenue, Stockport (Coldwell Banker)

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