Five-Figure Fridays: $95,000 in Callicoon

  |  September 14, 2012

You’ll find a couple of clues about the condition of this place in the description: cozy and rustic ought to give you a sense. But it does seem ripe for reinvention. The place is Callicoon Center, marching distance to the general store and the bandstand.

By cozy they mean 900 square feet, but they manage to pack three beds and two baths into that square footage. The yard is cozy, too, at .3 acres. And the taxes are low, at less than $4,000 a year. You could definitely put a little work into this fella and make it shine. We’d be in favor of maintaining the turquoise paint but it’s up to you.

19 Fred Hessinger, Callicoon. Callicoon Real Estate. GMAP.

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