A Tannersville Village Home for the Budget-Minded, $175,000

  |  July 15, 2015
27 ccc park rd tannersville ny

Consider this your blank canvas of the day: A Tannersville village home that needs some love on the outside and personal flare on the inside. And hey, let’s face it. Even if you’re living in Vacationland, it still might be nice to able to walk or bike to town to grab a carton of milk. It certainly makes things less isolating if there’s a storm, and there will be. These are the Catskills, after all. Loving winter recreation comes with a price. From here, Tannersville shops on Main Street are a 10 min. walk away and right across the street, there’s a small park and beach on Lake Rip Van Winkle. Hunter Mountain is 10 mins. away by car while Windham Mountain is 25 mins. away. Nice interior with shiny wood floors and a sizable kitchen, enclosed porch, and patio included.


27 ccc park rd tannersville ny2 27 ccc park rd tannersville ny4

27 ccc park rd tannersville ny3
27 ccc park rd tannersville ny5

27 Ccc Park Road, Tannersville (Shaw Country Realty)

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