Affordable, Stylish Farmhouse + 4 acres, $189,000

  |  April 27, 2015
520 County Road 95 obenburg

We’re sticking around the North Branch area of Sullivan County for yet another fantasy farmhouse, and this fantasy is priced so that it could become a reality. For less than $200,000, you get a 1500 square foot farmhouse with a stylish interior, 4 acres of land, and a red barn ready to become a guest cottage, studio space, or workshop. Large enough for a small family with 3 beds/2 baths and a whole lotta outdoor space with fruit trees and flower gardens. The price helps tip our scales from “warmly regarded” to “full-on crushing” in terms of our feelings for the property, while the relatively low taxes are making us seriously consider whether moving to western Sullivan County is actually doable. Long story short, we like it a lot.

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Beds: 3

Baths: 2

Square Feet: 1500

Lot Size: 4 acres

Taxes: $3029

520 County Road 95, Obernburg (Matthew J. Freda) GMAP

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