Antique Columbia County Farmhouse with an Array of Nooks and Crannies, $250,000

  |  April 4, 2017

If country life appeals to you, this early 19th century farmhouse in Rural Columbia County might tickle your fancy, as well. The price point is certainly appealing, especially when you consider the size (five bedrooms, 2500 square feet, ten acres of land). On top of that, the Colonial-style house has clearly been carefully maintained complete with all those little nooks, crannies, and rooms that come with these old houses.

There are hardwood floors throughout, as well as built-in shelves/cabinetry, kitchen/dining room large enough to feed a multitude of hungry guests, lots of windows and skylights to let in the sun, and original hardware and details. Also comes with two barns and a pond on the land, adding to the property’s farm-like charm.

Located about 20 minutes from the city of Hudson on the east side of the river, where you’ll find food/drink/shops/civilization as well as the Amtrak train station. This part of Columbia County might be rural, but it doesn’t involve a whole lot of travel to find life. NYC is just a 2-hour train ride away…

404 Dranbauer, Elizaville (Sotheby’s)


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