Arts & Crafts Masterpiece Against a Kaaterskill Clove Backdrop, $850,000

  |  July 14, 2015
57 minwawa rd tannersville ny

What can we say about this property? It’s breathtaking. The fact that this place is 7000 square feet in size possessing 8 beds/6.5 baths and is a friggin’ seasonal cottage, people tells you a lot about Onteora Park in Tannersville vis-a-vis its status as a second home community. We think one of our past writers on Upstater said it best: “Viva old money understatement!” So if you’re in the market for an massive seasonal cottage on 4 acres of rolling land in the Catskill Mountains…well, it doesn’t get much better than this. Designed in the 1920s by Onteora Park architect George Reid, the potential family summer compound or retreat center comes with 6 fireplaces, exposed beams, a guest cottage, garage barn + apartment, and an honest-to-goodness ballroom, for petessake. Speaking of fancy ballrooms, we recently had an idea for a new Catskills bespoke hipster enterprise: Artisan crinoline pressing. You know, for all those fancy balls in your fancy ballroom in your Catskills season cottage palace. Someone make this happen.

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57 Minwawa Road, Tannersville (Gary DiMauro)

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