Buy This Palenville Inn for $525,000

  |  June 5, 2014

144 malden ave palenville ny

We had another property all lined up to post, a cute little country house in Hunter, reasonably-priced, lots of potential for jazzing up. But we stopped in our tracks when we came across this beauty of an inn in the charming hamlet of Palenville, about 7 miles east of Tannersville. Palenville is definitely part of Vacation Land, with its secret swimming holes, quaint bungalow-style homes, a high-end general store, a hot dog truck that parks right in the center of town all summer long, and most recently, a wine store. This inn is located not far from 23A, which runs through town. And it looks gorgeous, from the dark tavern to its 4 country/contemporary guest suites. Here’s the Woodbine Inn’s website if you want to see more photos. Also includes a 3-bedroom owner’s apartment. So, the question is: Keep it as an inn, or make it over into a private residence? Oh, and speaking of Palenville, it appears the Palenville castle might be off the market.

144 malden ave palenville ny2

144 malden ave palenville ny3

144 malden ave palenville ny4

144 malden ave palenville ny5

144 malden ave palenville ny6

Beds: 7

Baths: 6

Square Feet: 6,600

Lot Size: .84 acres

Taxes: $6,000

144 Malden Avenue, Palenville (Gary DiMauro) GMAP


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