Crafty Bungalow in Catskill Village, $69K

  |  September 20, 2019
catskill bungalow

In search of a writer’s bungalow in the Hudson Valley? This Catskill cottage looks like one waiting to happen. 

Going solely by cuteness alone, nothing beats a bungalow. Sometimes they’re flimsy seasonal shanties, but occasionally, we find a solidly-constructed bungalow with Craftsman details like built-ins and wood trim, such as the kind you’ll find inside this bungalow’s 894-square-foot interior.

catskill bungalow

It’s true; this sweet little place could use a bit of updating and pizzazz, since its last update was in the 1940s, according to the listing. Still, for the affordable $77-per-square-foot price, things don’t look half-bad inside, and two bedrooms plus two baths mean it could work as a weekend home for a family, comfortable cottage for a couple, or rental (pending any local laws regarding same).

catskill bungalow catskill bungalow

The 6,969-square-foot yard offers a bit of shade and grass, as well as a location that’s less than a mile from Catskill’s village center and eateries, bars, galleries, and shops. Also close to parks and the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, which will take you to the east side of the Hudson River and the city of Hudson.

catskill bungalow

Is this Catskill cottage your perfect writer’s bungalow? Find out more about 140 Grandview Avenue, Catskill, NY here.

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