Catskill Village Shingle Cottage with Polished Renovation, $548,000

  |  February 22, 2017

This home dates back to 1890, but in 2016, it received a full renovation from Kristina Dousharm and Fdesign. And the interior does not disappoint. The 19th-century shingle cottage’s reno is open, bright, and functional, just want you want in a modern home.

We were immediately struck by the 2000 square foot home’s dark wood flooring, which stands in dramatic contrast to its gleaming white scheme…and we love that. The kitchen comes equipped with Frigidaire Professional series appliances like separate full-sized freezer + refrigerator, and white granite countertops. Meanwhile, in the stairwell, a huge paned window allows natural light to burst through. If we had to narrow down our criteria for choosing a home, we would have to put features like a chef’s kitchen, dark wood flooring, and huge windows close to the top of the list.

Includes 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a large backyard area. Situated walking distance to Catskill village in Greene County as well as the Hudson River waterfront, both just a few blocks away.

46 Liberty Street, Catskill (Mary Mullane)

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