Charming Putnam County Converted Church For Sale, $399K

  |  October 18, 2017

putnam county converted church for sale

Let’s be honest: We would’ve picked this Putnam County converted church for sale regardless of whether the kitchen was a knock-out or not. After all, it’s a c.1874 church that’s been converted into a residence, and that means we drop everything and look at it.

Try to envision this 2555 square foot heavenly home without the ‘shopped-in furniture, which distracts from the big, open interior with vaulted ceilings, an abundance of stained glass windows, and wood paneling/beams/detailing. As for the focus of the week, kitchen + dining room area, this one is huge with counter seating, storage a-plenty, and a breakfast nook with tile floors, wood stove, and an entrance to the sunroom.

Includes three bedrooms (again, try to ignore the CGI furniture), three baths, and a two-acre lot located five minutes south of Patterson. Also 10 minutes from the MA border and under 90 minutes from NYC via I-84.

621 Bullet Hole Road, Patterson (Houlihan Lawrence)

putnam county converted church for sale

putnam county converted church for sale

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