Cozy Cape in Catskill, $129,900

  |  July 24, 2015
Pruyn 1

When it comes to creative spaces, some of us prefer to work on the space rather than simply inside it. This 1948 Cape is one place I would love to get my hands on and renovate. The exterior of the house, in an established neighborhood in Catskill, has a low roof and a primped yard that, unless you prefer otherwise, needs minimal landscaping adjustment. Once inside, however, the true late 40’s style shines. I’m talking about that wood paneling and vinyl corner booth for a kitchen table. To some, this space is charming and reminiscent of a simpler time but, for others, it presents a remodeling goal easier to attain in this small house than in other, larger ventures. Most importantly, whether you prefer to modernize or play 50’s housewife, the price is right.

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3 Pruyn Place, Catskill (Heart Land Realty)

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