Don’t Drag Your Feet Deciding on this Jeffersonville Victorian, $179,000

  |  January 22, 2016
18 terrace ave jeffersonville ny2

The house depicted above has a Doppelganger, also located in Jeffersonville, which you can check out here. While the prices are the same, it’s way more of a fixer-upper than the one we’re zeroing in on. Why this one? Well, mostly it’s because we’re in shock at the price. Sure, affordable properties are common enough around Sullivan County, but that doesn’t stop us from adding up the pieces of this Queen Anne (in this case, 3100 sq. ft., 9 bedrooms, 3 stories, full basement, gorgeous woodworking and original details, .5 acre lot walking distance to village amenities, etc.) and getting something that equals a whole lotta house for less than $200,000.

Flooding is a concern around Jeffersonville. However, given this home’s perch on a knoll, we’re not too worried about getting our feet wet. Property taxes are less than $4000/year. Don’t wait too long to decide, lest someone else find themselves living in your dream house…

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18 Terrace Avenue, Jeffersonville (Catskill Sales Associates)

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