Elegant Eyebrow Colonial in Philmont, $249,000

  |  May 21, 2015
169 main st philmont

Do you know what’s great about this farmhouse in Philmont, located about 20 minutes east of Hudson city? It’s next door neighbors with one of our favorite haunts in the Hudson Valley, the High Falls Conservation Area. Fun Fact: At 150 feet of cold, tumbling water, High Falls (not to be confused with the hamlet in Ulster County) is the tallest waterfall in Columbia County. The conservation area trail will give you a clear view of the falls from top to bottom, and if you follow the trail down the hill, you can follow the creek right to the foot of the falls. Swimming isn’t allowed, but…well, let’s just say it didn’t seem heavily-enforced.

high falls conservation area

But back to the house. Obviously, we love it. Built in 1815, this is the oldest house in the hamlet of Philmont, and it’s a well-preserved (with modern updates like indoor plumbing, of course). How many fireplaces can you count? We came up with four. While it appears small on the outside, it’s a decently-sized 2400 square feet, 3 beds/2 baths. Throw in over an acre of land, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful piece of history right here. Speaking of history, there are some cool buildings in Philmont, but overall, the hamlet has an industrial/commercial feeling to it. This property seems to be well-hidden with lots of trees surrounding it.

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169 Main Street, Philmont (Peggy Lampman Real Estate)

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