A Five-Bedroom Farmhouse on a Full Acre of Land in Sullivan County for $115K? What Gives?

  |  July 4, 2017

Need space for your big family or a couple of extra rooms for various non-child-related pursuits? Consider the countryside and this recently renovated 1920s farmhouse located in the charming northern Sullivan County village of Livingston Manor.

Its inexpensive listing price led us to believe that the property is plopped right in the middle of a floodplain. So, we visited the FEMA floodplain map, which you can view here (prepare to mess with a clunky interface on the map view, but look to the upper left hand corner for navigation buttons). Unless we’re reading the map wrong, it looks like this property sits outside of the floodplains around the Willowemoc Creek, so perhaps the new owner of this house will avoid any flood-related issues.

As for interior and exterior improvements, the house boasts a new paint job, new windows, new garage roof, hardwood floors, knotty pine and wainscoted ceilings, and a really big backyard since most of the 1.26-acre property – with the exception of the front yard that creates a buffer from the road – is backyard.

Located walking distance from Livingston Manor village businesses and a two hour drive from NYC.

692 Old Route 17, Livingston Manor (Keller Williams)

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