Five Figure Fridays! Going Short

  |  March 2, 2012

A couple weeks back, Lisa’s article about a Napanoch short sale created a huge stir.  As was rightly pointed out in the comments, the listing realtor specializes in Bank-Owned short sales and has a slew of low-priced listings.  The wrinkle (don’t things always have a wrinkle?) is that, much like with our Five Figure Fridays on Bungalows last week, it can be prohibitively difficult to get financing on rehab houses, and usually banks will only agree to short sale for cash offers (several of the listings specify that offers must come with proof of funds).

So today’s quartet of short sales is only for those of you sitting around on piles of cash, just wondering what to do with it.

First up is 219 Gidney Avenue, Newburgh.   A 1,300+ square foot 3B/2BA, it looks awfully nice from the outside, especially for $80,000.  Hopefully someone familiar with Newburgh can weigh in on the location.  This seems like a plausible full-timer rather than just a weekender.  GMAP


Next is an adorable, renovated cottage in Mountain Lodge Park, the evocatively addressed 9 Utopian Trail.  With 2BR and 1BA in just under 1000 square feet, on a biggish lot as these things go (.65 acres), this seems like a screaming deal at $55,000.  Mountain Lodge Park is an oldish community of summer homes turned mostly full-time, so while the listing doesn’t explicitly mention the 3-season versus year-round divide, there’s hope that it’s winterized.  Best of all, Google Maps puts it just an hour and a half out of Brooklyn.  GMAP


We haven’t featured many land listings, but this one on Lark Drive is appealing if only because it is an easy walk from the center of Woodstock.  $39,000 gets you .8 of an acre, BOH approved for building, with municipal hookups available.  Plus it’s got the most welcoming showing instructions ever: “Go look anytime!”  GMAP.


Last up is a listing that, if pictures bear any resemblance to reality, has to constitute one of the great deals of all time.  40 River Street in Livingston Manor is a 5BR/2BA two-family on a quarter acre for $18,900.  Wait, what?  Yes, that’s what it says.  Having looked into a couple deals that looked almost this good in the past, I can confidently predict that this one is either already spoken for, is bait for a bidding-war, or sits on top of a Hellmouth.  If it turns out none of those things are true, can somebody please just buy this place?  GMAP

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