Five-Figure Fridays: Monticello Arts + Crafts, $95,000

  |  June 8, 2012

The price probably has something to do with its location, in the village of Monticello. Many folks, as we’ve learned, are looking for lake properties when they come Monticello way, since waterfront real estate is affordable here compared to some of the tonier areas.

So if you’re looking for a village home, you can get quite a deal. For less than a hundred grand, you get a restored Arts and Crafts, with built-ins, gleaming floor and a handsome exterior. Not too shabby. There’s a tiny lot, .18 acres, and only one bath (perhaps one of the four bedrooms could be reborn as a bathroom). Comes with an attached garage. We’d upgrade the kitchen counters, too.

17 Lake Street, Monticello. $95,000. GMAP.

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