Fix Up this Affordable Napanoch Home, $129,000

  |  October 29, 2015
53 high st napanoch ny

The tiny hamlet of Napanoch seems to be in the epicenter of ghostiness. Not only do echoes linger from the area’s old Borscht Belt days, but this part of the Catskills seems to have a high number of reports of actual ghosts, not just the metaphoric ones. Not far from Napanoch (home to the haunted Shanley Hotel), an old mill town called Potterville sits far back into the woods near the Vernoykill. We’ve head that spirits still haunt the old town (all of the buildings have been demolished, by the way. Yeah, we were super bummed about that, too) and Lundy Road, which starts at the Potterville site and ends in Wawarsing.

The haunted status of this affordable home in Napanoch hamlet is still undetermined, but we can tell you that it’s needs some style. Your style, maybe? Perhaps you could haunt this house yourself with the spirit of your decorating/renovating abilities. Sits on just over a quarter acre in quiet residential neighborhood.

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53 High Street, Napanoch (Four Seasons Realty Group) 

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