For Sale: The Glass Shell House in Roxbury, $599,000

  |  February 21, 2012
For Sale: The Glass Shell House in Roxbury, $599,000

Seems like a low price, doesn’t it, for a place that was Architectural Record’s house of the month in 2004? This is the home of the late architect Seymour Rutkin, set on five hilltop acres in the ever-hippifying town of Roxbury. The Glass Shell House has 2,300 square feet, three beds and two-and-a-half baths. The half-dome is south facing and passive solar (the overhang keeps out overheating summer sun in summer, lets in direct sunlight to heat you, utility-free, in winter). It looks a wee bit awkward inside, something that might be cured with more careful furniture placement. But it’s a contender for coolest eco-house upstate, right up there with the New Paltz Dome. Last we checked, it was over a million for that one, making the Glass Shell House a downright bargain.

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