Germantown Victorian, $229,900

  |  July 28, 2011
Germantown Victorian, $229,900

It’s a funny location. This house is very close to the Hudson River and also to my old storage space (the storage space with the world’s greatest view), but also a little too close to the busy 9G for my taste. The address is Main Street, but it’s at the end of it, where is disappears toward the water. The reason for the price is right here in the description: “A perfect house for renovation.” Nuts. The broker says new kitchens and bathrooms are needed, and that the buyer will decide if anything else is ripe for reinvention–nothing else is needed.

It doesn’t have much land–three-quarters of an acre–but it’s quite fetching, isn’t it? I even like the rainbow assortment of colors on the inside. I like the size. I like the light. I like the kitchen. Some things that make me a little nervous: well water and private sewer. Anyone have thoughts on those? Stats on the jump.

64 Main Street, Germantown (Gary DiMauro) GMAP
Price: $229,900
Beds: 3
Baths: 1.5
Land: .75 acres
Taxes: $4,839/year
Transportation: Amtrak to Hudson; Taconic Parkway

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