Handsome Hamden Fixer-Upper Victorian, $70K

  |  February 28, 2020

Roll up your sleeves and give this old-fashioned Hamden Victorian house a new lease on life. 

While $20-per-square-foot is one heck of a deal for this six-bedroom, 3,500-square-foot house, prepare ye for a renovation. How much of a renovation? That’s between you and the realtor, but we do take heart that the listing says, “you won’t need to be a master carpenter” to do the work…but we imagine it wouldn’t hurt!

Still, 3,500 square feet is a lot to take on, but the potential is there for a sweet family home, inn, or weekend retreat that includes lots of natural light, hardwood floors, vintage wall paper, and other original details.

The condition of the home seems to vary from room to room, but it’s clear that you’re going to need a new kitchen…

…and a lot of new paint and some flooring replacement and repairs…and that’s just what we can see in the photos. Who knows what lies beneath? Suffice it to say, best to manage expectations on this home’s condition.

In addition to six large bedrooms, there are two full baths, first and second floor porches, and two driveways, one of which leads to a garage.

Finally, the quarter-acre lot sits walking-distance to Hamden hamlet, where the Lucky Dog Cafe and other local businesses are located. Hamden is in western Delaware County, less than 10 miles from Delhi village.

Got the skills to fix up this Hamden Victorian? Find out more about 35871 State Highway 10, Hamden, NY from Jewett and Jewett Real Estate

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