This Week on Upstater: Embracing Hudson Valley & Catskills Cottages

  |  August 28, 2017

Get ready to open your arms and embrace Hudson Valley/Catskills cottages. We know what you’re thinking already—the word “cottage” generally conjures up visions of cramped living quarters, tiny bedrooms, and galley kitchens where two’s a crowd (especially for those of us who read real estate jargon all the live-long day).

However, it’s all about the use of the space and how much stuff you need to live a happy life. Maybe it’s not as much as you once thought. Maybe your children have grown and left the nest, and you just don’t need that much house (and maintenance of said house) anymore. Or, maybe you’re one half of a couple without kids, and a big house (and big mortgage of said house) doesn’t make sense. Or, maybe you’re single and plan to keep it that way, so a Minimalist existence is actually possible. Or, maybe you’re in the market for a simple place out in the woods that you can escape to when regular life becomes too much. If any of these scenarios strike a chord, this week is for you.

Throughout this week, we’ll be combing the listings for the best cottages on the market in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, and we’ll be featuring those listings here on Upstater everyday. Stay tuned, fellow cottage aficionados…

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