Hudson Views for a Bargain Basement Price, $63,995

  |  October 30, 2015
65 mansion st coxsackie ny

Somebody please jump all over this 1860s French Colonial and fix it up into something real purdy. It’s located in the charming riverfront village of Coxsackie (Greene County) and includes (seasonal?) views of the Hudson from the back deck. Also includes a corner lot and a passel-full of potential. Coxsackie is one of those places that feels like it should be haunted, even if it isn’t. So many gorgeous old buildings and houses residing them, some of them empty and in disrepair, some of them painstakingly renovated. In a way, Coxsackie is, in fact, a little haunted by its intriguing past, which some account for the village’s quietness (read more about that here and here). We feel like cult-related controversy is enough to qualify Coxsackie as a town with some unexplained things happening, at least in our book. As for the house, it needs extensive renovation. Who’s up for a challenge?

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65 Mansion Street, Coxsackie (Heart Land Realty)

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