Kinderhook Passive House in NYT

  |  August 22, 2013
passive house in claverack

An original Dennis Wedlick passive house in Claverack, Columbia County

A Kinderhook, Columbia County passive house got some attention in the New York Times recently. The house, designed by green architect Dennis Wedlick and his partner Curt DeVito, was explored extensively in the article published on August 15th, detailing their 25-year-long process of building, renovating, and adding onto their passive home. According to the article, the original structure was a modest 800 square foot house that cost a measly $75,000 to construct. Over the years, however, Wedlick and DeVito have put around $450,000 into their energy-efficient home, which now includes a barn.

The article goes on to explain that Wedlick has parlayed his passion for passive houses into designing them for Habitat For Humanity, and we’ve featured a few of his designs right here in the virtual pages of Upstater (see the Claverack house, above). If you’re interested in learning more about Wedlick’s Hudson Passive Project, including some impressive interior photos of the Claverack house, check out the Hudson Passive Project website. The NYT article also includes a slideshow of Wedlick and DeVito’s private residence, which is quite stunning, indeed.

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