Feeling Lucky? This Kingston, NY $60K House Needs The Works

  |  August 24, 2018
kingston queen anne

Got a hankering for a project? Here’s a Kingston Queen Anne that could be sweet-as-can-be in the right hands…

…and, it could be all yours if the current offer on the house isn’t accepted. Offers fall through all the time, so don’t lose hope. After all, isn’t that what Five-Figure Fridays are all about? Hope? Maybe you feel like making a better offer. We think you should go for it!

Here’s something else you should know: it’s being sold as-is for under $100K. That means that you’ve got your work cut out for you. But, hey! Maybe that doesn’t scare you because you’ve got the funds for a renovation, or you’re planning to do the renovation yourself, which probably makes you a crazy person. No matter! Here at Upstater, we love crazy people! So, let’s take a peek at what you’re in for, Crazy Person.

Cute, right? It’s a classic early 20th-century Queen Anne Victorian with a front porch, turret, and bay windows. Includes four bedrooms, one bath, and 1,625 square feet of interior space. Judging from the few interior shots included in the listing, this place is going to need everything. But, are those pressed ceilings we see in the living room?

Prepare to take down some drop paneled ceilings, tear up the floors, remove the particle board siding, de-carpet, re-paint, you get the idea. The good news is, according to the listing the roof is “newer.”

Its curb appeal is hard to deny, however, and it comes with a decently-sized backyard if you feel inclined to build yourself a garage, workshop, or studio.

Situated about three blocks from UPAC in midtown Kingston, one of the area’s premiere live performances venues. This is a diverse neighborhood that sits on the cusp of midtown and uptown Kingston, the latter of which is about a 15-minute walk away from this property’s front door.

Ready to tackle this Kingston Queen Anne fixer-upper? Find out more about 154 Henry Street, Kingston from Village Green Realty.

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