Lexington Ranch near Skiing and Swimming Hole for $149,000

  |  September 7, 2011

I first spotted this little ranch while visiting my favorite swimming hole, Mosquito Point. (The name doesn’t do it justice, I swear.) The house itself is on a winding road leading up from Schoharie Creek. Said swimming hole is also found in the creek, at the deep spot under the Mosquito Point Bridge. Swimming hole highlights include swinging from a rope swing into the nippy waters and jumping from the bridge, while being taped by family members for YouTube.(I don’t know anyone in that video and I’m not responsible for the camera work, just for the record.) Or you can just paddle around, as I do, knowing it’s cool and fresh and clean and deep.

In any case, you may have heard of Schoharie Creek thanks to Irene. The banks around Mosquito Point were quite torn up and a lot of work was being done on the road. That didn’t stop us from swimming, though, or from house-hunting. (Unseemly, perhaps, but hopefully the owners of this house will appreciate this post-Irene spotlight.)

Anyway, this vintage-y ranch appeared undamaged by the floods and the lovely road leading to it is still accessible. The property is pretty overgrown, but it does give you a bit of land as well as an outbuilding and there’s a deck, too. The interior appears fairly well-maintained, albeit eccentrically decorated. Lexington doesn’t have much a main street, but as it’s one town over from Hunter and not far from Windham, this could work as a ski rental. And you could walk to some real old-fashioned swimmin’ hole swimming.

Lexington Ranch near Skiing and Swimming Hole for $149,000


Distance from NYC: 136 miles, 2hrs 45 minutes
Built: 1940s
Beds: 2
Baths: 1
Square Feet: TK
: 1.5 acres

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