Marbletown Treehouse on 3 acres, $89,000

  |  August 29, 2014
10 heath road kingston ny

Have our treehouse dreams finally come true? Perhaps, although our treehouse dreams don’t usually involve finishing the interior (good news is, it’s already insulated). That’s okay with us, though, because we can’t ignore the potential that seems strong here, with underground electricity included for the full-sized house you’ll someday build on the property.  We love that the cottage itself is propped up on stilts, high above the trees, surrounded by beauty, and sitting on a full three acres. Could this be the place that you run to when you’ve had it with the busy outside world? We can see it, but we can also drive 15 minutes and be in Kingston and, therefore, civilization. Sounds like an ideal situation to us. Property is listed as lot/land, and it’s in Kingston in name only. It’s more accurate to consider it located in Marbletown.


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Lot Size: 2.99 acres

Taxes: $1328

10 Heath Road, Kingston (Westwood Metes & Bounds) GMAP

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