Opportunity in Hudson’s Historic District, $835,000

  |  August 27, 2015

Let’s Throwback Thursday to last week’s theme, Hotels and Inns, fuse it with this week’s historic theme, and toss it all in Hudson. Welcome to 241 Warren St., one of the most desirable streets in the Hudson Valley; a three-story brick townhouse originally built in the 1810s and renovated with a third floor the latter half of the century. Quick history lesson: Hudson’s population boomed over the course of the 19th century, more than doubling by the 20th; so that third floor likely became a necessity. Hudson’s population has fallen far back since then, but that just means more room for visitors at your Historic Warren St. B&B! The listing isn’t clear about the floorplan, but with 6 rooms and 4.5 baths it sounds like it could even be a tried and true hotel. Here’s the real kicker: it comes with an old accompanying carriage house, ready and waiting to be repurposed into an artist’s studio or guest house. Move into the epoch of the Hudson Valley’s cultural revival – and maybe even make a buck doing it.

WarrenSt2 WarrenSt5 WarrenSt4

WarrenSt3241 Warren St Hudson, NY (Coldwell Banker Bartolotta Realty)

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