Pay Cash for this Two-Story Victorian in Stamford, $39,900

  |  February 5, 2016
6 academy st stamford ny

“Investment opportunities” be damned; we just want to fix up and live in this house ourselves. Currently set up as a 3-unit multi-family, the house is situated in the village of Stamford in Delaware County, just a block or two from where the Catskill Scenic Trail cuts right through town. Make no mistake: This is Catskills mountain country not known for its happenin’ nightlife, to say the least, but Stamford is not without its charms and it’s close to some of our other favorite places in Delaware County like Roxbury, Delhi, and Bovina.

We’re not sure what kind of effort is involved with changing a multi-family back to a single-family. We are sure, however, that it’s a massive pain in the neck. Regardless of what you decide to do with it, the house needs work. Includes 2300 square feet, 5 beds/3 baths, basement, a tenth-of-an-acre on a residential street, and a tax bill around $3000/year.

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6 Academy Street, Stamford (Greene Co. Realty)

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