Picturesque Poughkeepsie Mid-Mod, $199,000

  |  March 6, 2015

If this Poughkeepsie mid-mod were a cocktail, it would be a tom collins. Nothing too adventurous or risqué on display at 10 Sandi Drive, but it’s a sweet little spot and we feel refreshed already just looking at that wide backyard. And the cherry on the rim of this charmer? The little sunroom extending off the dining room and opening the interior up to views of the nearby trees and shrubbery. Of course, as any mixologist will tell you, it’s never a bad idea to experiment with traditional recipes. That said, we have a few upgrades in mind for the bathroom. All this talk of citrusy imbibements has us reminiscing over the pink and orange walls featured in last month’s post on designing with these two unexpected hues.

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