Rosie O’Donnell’s Nyack Home Listed for $10.79 Million

  |  November 10, 2017
rosie odonnell nyack for sale

1 Gesner Avenue, Nyack

Hidden behind the hedges and fences of Piermont Avenue in Nyack is a maze of luxury homes with incomparable views of the Hudson River. Rosie O’Donnell herself owns a house in such rarified surroundings in South Nyack, but not for long. Her Dutch Colonial manse is on the market, as are the other properties on her 2.4 acre parcel situated on the river.

1 Gesner Avenue, Nyack is the primary residence on the property, according to a recent report in the NY Post. The seven bedroom home, which is listed separately for $5.3 million – features a crisp interior and copious windows to let in the river views.

Other houses in O’Donnell’s compound on the market include 1 Washington Avenue (four bedroom Dutch Colonial listed for $2.2 million), 2 Washington Avenue (three bedroom listed for $1.99 million), 4 Washington Avenue (a one-bedroom cottage listed for $525K) and 5 Washington Avenue (a three bedroom contemporary). All are separate listings through Sotheby’s or available for one low, low price of $10.79 million.

Wanna see the rest of the house? Of course you do! Check out O’Donnell’s drool-worthy Nyack compound…

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