Spectacular Mountain Views, Jaw-Dropping Price in Delaware County, $139K

  |  May 29, 2018

Get ready to catch your breath when you see the views of the mountains from this secluded Catskills cottage…

Heaven knows we love a theme here at Upstater, so here’s the second of two polygonal houses located in the Catskills, both complete with mountain views to die for. If you’re interested in the first one we posted – a hendecagon (fancy term for 11-sided) house in Greene County – go here.

Meanwhile, this particularly cottage is located on the crest of hill, completely secluded, offering some knock-your-socks-off views of the valley below and hills beyond.

The house itself is your basic 1,360 square foot multi-sided dwelling with one bedroom, one bath, and an upper loft for additional accommodations. It’s cozy as heck, too, with two wood-burning stoves and lots of large windows of natural light and even more views.

Check out the size of the second floor loft…

There’s even more space on the outside with five acres of land just a few minutes north of Roxbury village, a cute Catskills town with a bent toward style and creativity. Here’s another important piece of information about this region of the Catskills: It’s swimming hole territory. Stay on the lookout.

Need the kind of privacy and views this secluded Catskills cottage has to give? Find out more about 542 Mountainside Drive, Roxbury from Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties

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