This Week on Upstater: Test the Waters in a Hudson Valley/Catskills Rental Property

  |  December 7, 2015
12 n church st athens ny

Looking to dip your toe into Hudson Valley/Catskills life without committing yourself to a mortgage?

This week, we’ll be diving into the rental market in Upstater Land. Both short-term and long-term rentals will be featured, which means everything from high-end luxury vacation rentals to affordable yearly leases. Here’s a fun game we like to play, and feel free to play along at home. It’s called “What $2000/month will get you in Upstate NY VS. What $2000/month will get you in Manhattan/Brooklyn.” Granted, it’s an unfair game with trade-offs on both sides of Westchester County, but it might be an eye-opening experience, if not a worthy excuse to look at beauties on the rental market, such as the one depicted above.

Stay tuned…

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