This Week on Upstater: Weather the Hudson Valley Winter with a Hot Tub or Sauna

  |  September 11, 2017

2608 Wingdale Mountain Rd., Union Vale: $599,900

Summers in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains are hot and humid, perfect for taking a dip in a swimming hole or standing in the icy spray of a waterfall. But, when winter comes, it hits with a vengeance, and those of us who live up here start piling on the blankets and stoking the wood stoves. How nice would it be if you could warm up the hot tub or sauna and get warm, for real, in the privacy of your own home? As the temperature drops, it’s starting to sound more appealing every day.

Prepare to get into the hot tub this week on as we comb the Hudson Valley Catskills residential real estate listings for homes with hot tubs and saunas for sale. You ready to get into some hot water? Ahhhh….

14 Appalachian W, Hopewell Junction: $549,900

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