Town of the Week: Millbrook, N.Y.

  |  October 24, 2011

from Wikipeadia

I’m kind of afraid of what my love of Millbrook says about me. It seems to me to be a perfect country house town, although that might be because it reminds me so much of the Hamptons, without the traffic jams and with a little less plastic surgery. And by that I mean: it’s a tiny town, but everything in it is absolutely perfect: little shops, delicious restaurants, boutiques selling home decor I cannot even afford to look at. There’s a nice market, lovely little walkable streets, a sparkling lake/pond. It’s only 14 miles from Poughkeepsie, so you could take MetroNorth and such, but still feels very rural.

The downside: it’s ritzy. Ostentatious. All Beemers and Audis (except for the short time that my ’96 Volvo rolled into town). It’s not dripping with wealth like the Hamptons, not as in-your-face–more refined and less glitzy. But, you know, I saw a lot of twin sets and pearls, and a couple of properties over $27 million!

I like it anyway. Peruse Millbrook listings here, while we’re fishing out some beauties for you this week.

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