Turn of the Century Class in Poughkeepsie, $120,000


It’s homes like this elegant Poughkeepsie Victorian that have us seriously considering investing in a smoking jacket. Not necessarily Hugh Hefner-esque, but something to sport during our days off, or while pouring libations after a supper at Le Chambord. But let’s face it, even the task of getting the mail would feel like an event worth dressing up for at this turn of the century property. Located right next to Vassar’s gorgeous campus, 57 S Grand is a history-lover’s dream featuring the original mahogany staircase, stained glass windows, and a beautifully tiled fireplace. We love what was maintained and we love what was modified – the kitchen looks like it was built yesterday, and the previous owners were also on top of the all-essential plumbing updates that can easily fall by the wayside with older homes.

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57 South Grand Avenue (Berkshire Hathaway) GMAP

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