Want to Help Save a Beloved Bar?

  |  January 14, 2013

Photo via Chronogram

If you’re living or visiting in the vicinity of Tivoli, NY — near Red Hook, Rhinebeck, across the river from Kingston and Saugerties — perhaps you’ve enjoyed a pint at the Black Swan, the town bar. Yes, there is but one bar in this tiny town, and it’s a swinging spot, the favorite of locals, weekenders and college students alike.

But it has hit some financial snags of late, in the form of hefty fines, and is asking for some assistance from fans and patrons. So we thought we’d pass on their SOS. Read more here.

In exchange for donations, you can get anything from a “warm, fuzzy feeling” (also attainable through imbibing, of course) to the chance to curate the jukebox or have free passes to music shows for a year. Donations start at a ten-spot.

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