This Week on Upstater: Greene County from the River to the Mountains

  |  March 28, 2016
new of hunter mountain from kaaterskill

View of Hunter Mountain via Kaaterskill Falls, Greene County. Via Wikipedia

Why do our thoughts turn to Greene County in the springtime? Is it simply because our minds are on all things green? Could it be due to the fact that Greene County’s real estate inventory seems to uptick in the spring? Or, perhaps it’s because the locale is just so darn gorgeous – from its eastern border on the Hudson River to its western border near the Schoharie Creek in the Catskills – that watching it come back to life after the winter is a delight. Or, perhaps it’s all of the above.

The reason doesn’t matter, after all. What matters is that we found a crop of attractive homes in Greene County that will make you seriously consider altering your life so that you can experience in the spring. And summer. And fall (oh, the fall). And winter. Stay tuned this week for our favorite Greene County listings, from the shores of the Hudson to the peaks of the Catskills.

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