Welcome to Vacationland: It’s Hunter & Tannersville Week!

  |  July 13, 2015
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One of our favorite things to do – between scouring the listings and compiling cool things happening in the Upstater area – is playing tourist in our own backyard. This weekend, we had the opportunity to do exactly that, so we chose to spend some time near Hunter and Tannersville up in Greene County. Most know Hunter Mountain as a winter-time destination, but if you’ve been saving your trip until the snow starts to fall, don’t. Get up there in the summer. First off, the roads aren’t apt to kill you like they can in the winter, and secondly, it’s breathtaking, and there are lots of places to hike and camp in the mountains. The photo above was taken at Colgate Lake in East Jewett just a few miles outside of the village of Tannersville (town of Hunter), which is a great place to spend the day swimming/boating/fishing/hiking/exploring, or doing some primitive overnight camping (no facilities whatsoever, and that includes bathrooms, showers, and grills for cooking). Don’t fret, however, if you prefer more modern conveniences while sleeping under the stars. North/South Lake in the hamlet of Haines Falls is right there, too, and offers its own trails and views of the Catskills, as well as showers and indoor plumbing. For those looking for something a little more structurally permanent in a summer escape, there are a good amount of properties on the market in the town of Hunter and environs. This week, we’ll be featuring some of those properties, hoping to ignite your interest in the beauty surrounding Hunter and Tannersville. So wash off your canoes, put on your sturdiest hiking boots, and dose yourself in bug repellent for a trip into the mountains of Greene County. Stay tuned…

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